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Maria Piscopo's "Tell Your Story" 
Send Your Press Releases!

Stories needed for my articles editorial calendar. If you are a photographer, graphic designer or illustrator and are interested in being published - I want your success stories for an upcoming article and invite your submissions. For more information, please email me at

We are always looking for interesting stories. Select from the below topics for the information to submit and let me tell your story! Please be sure to identify the topic and give a complete description of your newsworthy project.

Newsworthy Topics:

  • Email marketing success stories
  • Successful direct mail promotions
  • Using web sites for self-promotion
  • Selling your personal style
  • Finding new clients and boosting your sales
  • Success in the field of fine art photography selling
  • Social media success stories

Thank you for your support.

Maria Piscopo


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