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Keith Cooper Book Review

Keith Cooper wrote a detailed and thorough review of my 5th edition Photographer’s Guide to Marketing & Self-Promotion. Lots of good feedback!  I love his conclusion, “Take time to follow the whole process – it’s how all this stuff fits together which will make the difference to your photo business. Reading this book uncovered several areas of our own business needing improvement – now comes the tricky bit, doing something about it…”

So true! Here is his review, http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/book-review-marketing-promotion/

Business of Fine Art Photography

(Image Copyright Brooke Shaden) Starting in the business of fine art photography is not easy. More than anything, there will be a lot of peaks and valleys ahead. In my Shutterbug magazine August Business Trends column, we look at how to navigate some of these issues, find clients, seek gallery representation, and market your work. Thanks to my contributing photographers: Larry Angier, Michael Garlington, Laurie Klein, RJ Muna, and Brooke Shaden, https://www.shutterbug.com/content/how-become-fine-art-photographer-full-time-tips-launching-photo-career

Marketing Your Travel Photography

Although everyone loves travel photography, not everyone possesses the skills to turn that passion into a viable business. For my Business Trends column posted this month on Shutterbug, we spoke with six photographers working (and making money) in the travel photography business: Joe Becker, Todd Gustafson, Blaine Harrington, Jen Pollack Bianco, and David and Lina Stock. https://www.shutterbug.com/content/how-turn-your-love-travel-photography-business-6-pros-share-tips

Summer Break

We are still on our somewhat non-voluntary summer break…2016, whew! So summer is here and all I have to post for you is the California “Lost Coast” photo. A completely deserted (and difficult to reach) stretch of Northern California beach somewhere between San Francisco and Eureka. Where is my Star Trek Transporter when I need it??

Podcast: Facing Your Fears

My podcast for Charles Gupton’s The Creator’s Journey has gone live. The web link is Maria Piscopo_The Creator’s Journey  Sneak Peek “…Maria talks about how fear is vital in moving creative professionals forward. “People wait for the fear to go away to act brave. It’s exactly the opposite. You act brave and confident and eventually you’ll feel that way. Feelings follow behavior.” She counsels creative professionals to stop thinking about their businesses as having a creative side and a business side. Good business practices should be integrated into the whole life of the business – otherwise you need to be a hobbyist. “I make whole people, that’s my mission.” “The fear is important! It gives a chemical boost – to push you beyond your own comfort level. Fear is good! I need fear to move forward … Act brave and confident and professional – and eventually, you’ll feel that way. In other words, feelings follow behavior…”