Increasing Your Productivity – Part Three “Get the Goals You Set”

Setting goals is too passive an exercise for the success of your creative services business.  You need to plan for success and not wait for it to happen.  You need to go get goals, not just set goals.  The key to successful goal achievement is to write everything down.  Your subconscious simply will not recognize the unwritten goal.  Putting your desires into written form creates an unrestricted flow of energy and dedication to achieving those goals.

Start by stating your objectives. These are the things you want to achieve.  Write down all of them-big ones and little ones.  Keep adding to this list and even though you won’t take action on everything at once, it’s best to have a clear picture of what you want from your business.  Be sure to use action statements such as, “I want to sell $150,000 of photography services this year” and not vague statements such as, “I want to be rich “.

Then add action statements. Decide which of the written objectives you want to achieve right now. Pull them out of the above list and add the activities required for their accomplishment.  Be sure to be specific and break down these actions into bite size pieces. For example, one of your goals might be to hire a graphic designer to help plan your marketing materials. Break that down into small chunks of tasks such as “identify materials to be designed” and “start networking for your search”. This breakdown should create a step-by-step outline of tactics describing how you will achieve your goal.

Next, assign resources. Add to each of the above tasks information regarding the time, energy, attention and money they will require.

Finally, schedule everything. Take your daily calendar and schedule all of the tasks you identified above as goal-getting.  You can always reschedule when work (a paying client) comes along. This way, getting any of your goals you have set becomes a daily activity and not something you wait to find the time to do.

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