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Maria Piscopo is a creative services consultant, an art/photo rep, author  and marketing workshop instructor specializing in cost-effective and creative marketing strategies delivered in her business and self-promotion classes, keynotes, seminars and workshops for associations, schools and the visual arts  industry conferences. She is currently an instructor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and reviews portfolios for Eyeist Consultants.

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Workshops: “Taking Charge of What You Charge”  Pricing and Negotiating Workshop This is Maria’s most popular topic featured in articles and from her  book and will change the way you handle talking to clients about money.  Popular with professional creative associations such as APA, ASMP and GAG, you will learn skills and techniques to better communicate as a creative professional on a business level and techniques to keep your fears from overcoming good business sense.

ASMP/Ohio North Coast Seattle May 2013 008

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2 thoughts on “Creative Services Consultant

  1. Thomas Schenden

    I wanted to know if you rep illustrators and 3-D designers. My buddy is well known in the lowbrow art genre, but he’s looking for a more steady gig–corporate even. He has a very well-honed style, is extremely detail oriented and has a unique vision.

    You came to speak to my class at CSUF back in 1982-83, a lifetime (and a career) ago! And if you’ll recall, I used Stan Sholik for a couple of jobs when I was with Apria Healthcare. (I am back with the company–after being laid off six years ago I was hired in January as a tech writer!)

    Anyway, please let me know your thoughts about my buddy, and if you could help him find the right gig. I was going to post his web site but I’m not sure if this comment will be public or not. I’d prefer to communicate privately.

    Tom Schenden

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