Where I Have Been

Photograph copyrighted by Rosanne Olson.

Maria Piscopo is an Art/Photo Rep and Creative Services Consultant for Artists, Designers and Photographers.  Born in New York, Maria lived and worked in Southern California and in 2012 moved home and office to the San Francisco Bay area to teach at the Academy of Art University. Maria has been working as an art, design and photography representative and teacher for twenty five years. She has taught workshops and classes for artists, designers, illustrators and photographers at the internationally renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and at various colleges including Cal State Long Beach, Santa Monica College, Orange Coast College and Laguna College of Art & Design. Her most recent education project was curriculum development with the New York Institute of Photography.

Maria has been a trainer for Dynamic Graphics Training and is a speaker at industry conferences. She also writes magazine articles for industry publications such as HOW Magazine, Digital Output, Rangefinder, Shutterbug and Communication Arts.

Recognition of Maria Piscopo’s achievements includes Woman of the Year by Women In Management and Woman of the Decade by Coastline Community College District.

The 5th Edition of PHOTOGRAPHER’S GUIDE TO MARKETING AND SELF-PROMOTION, was recently published by Allworth Press and they are also the publishers of her book, GRAPHIC DESIGNER’S & ILLUSTRATOR’S GUIDE TO MARKETING and PROMOTION, http://www.allworth.com

Maria is a member of Society of Photographers and Artist’s Reps and has served on the Advisory Boards for the University of California at Long Beach Arts & Humanities Board, Visual Artists Association, Women In Management, Orange Coast College, Women In Photography, The VICOM Conference and The PHOTO Plus Conference.

She has been a long-time volunteer with Medical Reserve Corp and Project Cuddle,

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maria.piscopo

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/PiscopoSf

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mariapiscopo/

5 thoughts on “Where I Have Been

  1. Kathy Light

    Hello, Mrs. Piscopo, I am quite sure you won’t remember me, but I took your class at OCC in 2000 or 2001. I wish I could have that class now. I have written you before; I think about 10 years ago. I used to bring my 5 year old daughter to class when I couldn’t find anyone to watch her, and she used to try and spell your words while you were speaking. Anyway, I am in a bit of a struggle out here in Hawaii. I have had so many people take advantage of me, or tell me that they won’t pay my price because they are “local”. Quite frustrating. I am currently in the process of changing photos on my website, and creating a new biography. I am writing to you to ask for some advice, if possible. My first question is: Do you think there would be a way to market some photos to Walmart here? The reason I ask, is that when I go there, they have some large photos up in there store. They are okay, but I thought I could gather up some “local” people and or island/surf photos. Not sure how to go about this, and what would one charge? The second question is: I would like to offer some of my large surf prints to a taco shop on the North Shore. That’s where the surf competions are, and I am not using these prints anymore. Wondering how to go about that and maybe have my business attached somehow? I know you are busy, I appreciate your time.

    Hope you are well : ) Kathy Light

    1. Maria Piscopo

      Very big questions but I will see how I can help (I will reply by private message as this is not a general question bu specific to your situation)
      Thank you!

  2. Mary Hill

    Hi Maria,
    I am a freelance designer looking for fresh opportunities. Your name came up in the Artist and Graphic Designers Marketing book as an artist representative and I hope you might be available to consult with. I am a 2012 MFA graduate in graphic design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I worked through the online program with Director, Anitra Nottingham (among others) and would love to work with you. Please contact me at your convenience and I can share more samples of my work and my current resume. I am very interested in the calligraphy market although I am open to anything. I use a vintage letterpress for small run work such as announcements, labels and small book projects. It would be great to enter the fine art poster market as well.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration,
    Mary Hill

    1. Maria Piscopo

      I teach at AAU! You were in the graphic design program so we have not met. As a rep, I work primarily with photographers (and we sell TO graphic designers!). Designers usually do not work with art/photo reps for such things (announcements, labels and small book projects or fine art poster market) BUT I would recommend you study the Directory section at http://www.workbook.com for leads. Use the pull down menu and search the category “artists representatives”, there might be someone working with calligraphy projects.
      Thanks for writing!

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