Podcast: Facing Your Fears

My podcast for Charles Gupton’s The Creator’s Journey has gone live. The web link is Maria Piscopo_The Creator’s Journey  Sneak Peek “…Maria talks about how fear is vital in moving creative professionals forward. “People wait for the fear to go away to act brave. It’s exactly the opposite. You act brave and confident and eventually you’ll feel that way. Feelings follow behavior.” She counsels creative professionals to stop thinking about their businesses as having a creative side and a business side. Good business practices should be integrated into the whole life of the business – otherwise you need to be a hobbyist. “I make whole people, that’s my mission.” “The fear is important! It gives a chemical boost – to push you beyond your own comfort level. Fear is good! I need fear to move forward … Act brave and confident and professional – and eventually, you’ll feel that way. In other words, feelings follow behavior…”

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